The Transits of VENUS and MERCURY pages
F. Mignard


From this page you can download a powerpoint slideshow on :


- Tutorial on the transits for the beginner or the expert

- The historical passages for Mercury and Venus

- The complete rules of succession of transits

- The problem of the solar parallax

- The adventurous overseas expeditions of 1761 and 1769

- Funny things about passages of the Earth seen from Mars or Jupiter!


Download the presentation (in French) :

powerpoint (3.3 Mo)

PDF (5.3 Mo)


The Mercury transits from -2000 to +3000 with Guiness book


Canon of the Venus transits from -2000 to +3000 with Guiness book


How to determine the solar parallax with the Venus transits (pdf)


Venus 2004 at OCA (in French)

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