SLE62: Digital signal processing

The course is taught by André Ferrari.


This course will introduce the students to the fundamental of discrete-time signal processing. It will particularly focus

A large part of the course is devoted to practical projects, where the students will code various algorithms and compare theoretical results with simulation results.


All the annoucements will be posted on Piazza. Students are also encouraged to post questions on Piazza.


Students will have to complete a project during the course. You must submit for each project a pdf export of a jupyter notebook including the code, plots and a detailed report. Your are welcomed to work in pairs and to submit a single document.

Due dates will be posted on the website along with the assignments. Late homework will not be accepted.


In this course we will be using Julia. I encourage you to code (with zero setup time!) in the cloud using JuliaBox.

Course textbooks

The course will cover parts of: