PAINTER software

PAINTER stands for “Polychromatic opticAl INTErferometric Reconstruction software”. The algorithm is described in:

  • Schutz, A., Ferrari, A., Mary, D. Soulez, F., Thiébaut, E., Vannier, M. “PAINTER: a spatio-spectral image reconstruction algorithm for optical interferometry”. JOSA A. Vol. 31, Iss. 11, pp. 2356–2361 (2014). [BibTeX,arXiv].

Part of this work was funded by ANR POLCA.


An improved (and fast !) implementation of PAINTER in Julia is now available on github! Use of the matlab version is highly not recommended!

Old matlab version

The complete set of .m files for the current version of PAINTER (v1.02, 5 jan 2015) are available here.