CAOS - Code for Adaptive Optics Systems
(an IDL-based Problem-Solving Environment for AO modeling and post-AO imaging)

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"One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star."

(Friedrich Nietzsche - Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Prologue 3)

"We are living in an age of simulation."

(Jean Baudrillard)

The CAOS Problem Solving Environment (PSE) features a graphical programming interface which can load different packages (set of modules), a library of utilities, and a working directory where users can build their own simulation (or data processing) projects.

With version 7.1 of the CAOS PSE, the scientific packages compatible with it and currently distributed are the Software Package CAOS (the original adaptive optics package), version 7.0, and the Software Package AIRY (an image-reconstruction-oriented package - AIRY stands for Astronomical Image Restoration with interferometrY), now version 7.2.

Previously developed packages are either integrated within them or are no more developed. For instance, the modules of the Software Package MAOS (for multiple-reference and/or multiconjugate AO systems modelling) were included within the new version of the Software Package CAOS, the modules of the Software Package PAOLAC (a simple CAOS interface for the analytic IDL code PAOLA developped by Laurent Jolissaint - PAOLAC stands for PAOLA within Caos) will be part of a forthcoming version of the Software Package CAOS, and the Software Package SPHERE (especially developped for the VLT planet finder SPHERE) is no more developed.

From this web-page (still awful but hopefully useful) you will be able to download the last distributed version of the CAOS PSE 7.1, as well as the Software Package CAOS 7.0 and the Software Package AIRY 7.2.

There is also a specific web-page about the Software Package AIRY, and all the research work done with it here.

In addition you can find hereafter the two posters which have been presented at the last Astronomical Telescopes+Instrumentation SPIE conference held in Edinburgh in June 2016 (one for the Software Package CAOS: poster #9909-319, and one for the Software Package AIRY: poster #9909-297), the more recent poster describing the last developments of the whole CAOS PSE, packages included (presented at the last AO4ELT conference in Tenerife in June 2017), and two useful tutorials of the PSE global user interface (one using the Software Package CAOS -- but a somehow old version of it -- and a more recent one using the Software Package AIRY).

Poster on the whole CAOS PSE last developments [AO4ELT 2017]

Poster on the Software Package CAOS 7.0 [SPIE 2016]

Poster on the Software Package AIRY 7.0 [SPIE 2016]

Tutorial of the CAOS global user interface together with the Software Package CAOS

Tutorial of the CAOS global user interface together with the Software Package AIRY


In any case, and if you are not already a subscriber of caos-(at) or airy-(at)

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Subscribing to the mailing-list allows to be informed of new releases, and also permitcws to form a community of users where useful informations circulate more easily. As a consequence, submission of bug fixes and, why not?, new modules is strongly encouraged.

For further informations please mail to caos-team.

(see also the file ReadMe.txt in .../caos_pse/packages/Utilities/modules/xxx/)

(see also the files .../caos_pse/packages/*********/modules/***/***

There are 8 types of input/outputs defined within CAOS up to now : the "atmosphere" type (atm_t), the "source/object" type (src_t), the "wave-front propagated" type (wfp_t), the "command" type (com_t), the "image" type (img_t), the "multiple image" type (mim_t), the "measurement" type (mes_t), and the "structure function" (stf_t) type.

Here are the details about the various existing input/output types within CAOS.


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About the Software Package SPHERE:
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(see here for more references specific to the Software Package AIRY)


AOSIM: the first (as far as we know) IDL-based numerical tool for (generic) AO.
PAOLA: an IDL-based semi-analytical tool suited for large apertures AO.

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