List of Objects : Number/Designation:
Example: Pallas Ceres Diotima 3200 1950DA

Orbital elements range:
a [au] : between and
e : between and
sin(i) : between and
q [au] : between and
Physical Data range :
H : between and
D [km] : between and
pV : between and
Asteroid family range : Examples: 4-5 for Vesta family; 3-5 for Juno and Vesta families
Number : between and
Spectral Class : Include (comma separated) :
Example: B,C,Cb,Ch,Cg,Cgh will select asteroids of the C-complex
Exclude (comma separated) :
Output : List NEA SpinPole Blocks

Documentation and References

Citation: Delbo, Walsh, Bolin, Avdellidou, Morbidelli "Identification of a primordial asteroid family constrains the original planetesimal population". 2017. Science. 357, 1026-1029
Database update: June 2017.