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Date / Article

2001/07/12   Guillot
"Gravitational microlensing by low-mass objects in the globular cluster M22."
          Sahu et al., Nature, (2001)

2001/06/28   Gladman
"Metoer Storm evidence against the recent formation of lunar crater Giordano Bruno."
          P. Withers, MAPS, 36, 525-529 (2001)

2001/31/05   Scholl
"Evidence for planet engulfment by the star HD82943"
          Israelian et al., Nature, 411, pp. 163-166 (2001)

01/17/05   Morais
"Resonant capture by inward-migrating planets."
          Yu and Tremaine, AJ, 121, 2736-1740 (2001)

01/10/05   Morbidelli
"Planets in the asteroid Belt"
          Chambers and Wetherill, MAPS, 36, 381-399 (2001)

01/03/05   Michel
"Derniers resultats de NEAR sur EROS.
          A collection of papers in Science (2001)

01/15/04   Jacob
"A wide-field CCD survey for centaurs and Kuiper Belt objects"
          Sheppard et al, AJ, 120, 2687-2694 (2000)

01/15/02   Guillot, Michel, Petit
"Rapid collisional evolution of comets during the formation of the Oort cloud"
          Stern and Weissman, Nature, 409, 589-591 (2001)

01/08/02   Gladman
Support for the lunar cataclysm hypothesis from lunar meteorite impact melt ages
          Swindel et al., Science, 290, 1754-1756 (2000)

00/13/07   Gladman
"Optical detection of meteoroidal impacts on the Moon''
          Ortiz et al., Nature, 405, 921-923 (2000)

00/21/06   Zahnle
"Cratering rates on the Galilean satellites''
          Zahnle, K. Dones, L, and Levison, H.F., preprint.

00/15/06   Nesvorny
"Catastrophic Impacts on Gravity Dominated Asteroids"
          S.G. Love and T.J. Ahrens, 1996, Icarus 124. 141--155.

00/08/06   Petit
"Physical properties of TNO 1996 TO66"
          Hainaut, O. et al. Astron. Astrophys. 356, 1076--1088 (2000).

00/04/05   Morbidelli
"A class of symplectic integrators with adaptive time step for separable Hamilton systems"
          Preto, M. and Tremaine, S. Ap.J. 118, 2532--2541 (1999).

00/06/04   Scholl
"Collision Evolution in the Vulcanoid Region:..."
          Stern, A. and Durda, D. Icarus 143, 360--370 (2000).

00/24/03   Guillot
"New approach to diagnosing properties of protoplanetary disks"
          Stepinski. ApJ 507, 361-370. (1998)

00/29/02   Michel
"Origin of the Moon's orbital inclination from resonant disk interactions"
          W.R. Ward and R.M. Canup, Nature 403, p. 741, 2000

00/24/02   Nesvorny
"Origin and Evolution of the Natural Satellites"
          Peale (1999) Ann. Rev. Astron. Astrophys., 57, 533-602.

00/10/02   Petit
"Astronomical Constraints on nebular midplane temperatures"
          Woolum and Cassen (1999) MAPS, 34, 897-908.

00/03/02   Helena Morais
"Secular theory of satellites systems"
          Resume du travail.

00/29/01   Morbidelli
"A reduced estimate of the number of kilometer-sized NEAs"
          Rabinowitz et al (1999) Nature, 403, 165-166.

00/15/01   Guillot
"Probable detection of starlight reflected from the giant planet orbiting tau Bootis"
          Cameron et al (1999) Nature, 402, 751-755.

99/16/12   Morbidelli
"Early planet formation as a trigger for further planet formation"
          Armitage and Hansen (1999) Nature, 402, 633-635

9/12   Michel
"Compaction as the origin of the unusual craters on the asteroid Mathilde"
          Housen et al (1999) Nature, 402, 155-157.

18/11   Gladman
"Discovery of a planet orbiting a binary star system from gravitational microlensing."
          Bennett et al (1999) Nature, 402, 57-59.

4/11   Gladman
"The shergottite age paradox and the relative probabilities of Martian meteorites of differing ages."
          Nyquist et al (1998) JGR, 103, 31445-31455.

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