Physical Parameters of the Uranian Irregulars

THIS PAGE IS STILL PRELIMINARY (Sept 1/2000), especially for the photometric infomation.

      Satellite              -----MAGNITUDES-----   Diameter (km)     Discoverers
  Names/Designations          B     V     R     I     For p=0.07
Caliban   XVI   S/1997 U 1              21.9            60          Gladman, Nicholson, Burns, Kavelaars
Sycorax   XVII  S/1997 U 2              20.4           120          Nicholson, Gladman, Burns, Kavelaars
Prospero  XVIII S/1999 U 3              23.2            30          Holman, Kavelaars, Gladman, Petit, Scholl
Setebos   XIX   S/1999 U 1              23.3            30          Kavelaars, Gladman, Holman, Petit, Scholl
Stephano  XX    S/1999 U 2              24.1            20          Gladman, Holman, Kavelaars, Petit, Scholl


1. Satellite diameters are assuming albedos of 7 percent.

2. The Roman numbering of the satellites is based on the order in which their orbits reached a sufficient quality to be numbered by the International Astronomical Union.