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Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

Interiors of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune    Guillot (1999b)

Schematic representation of the interiors of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune   Guillot (1999b)

Constraints on the core mass and total quantity of heavy elements   Wuchterl, Guillot & Lissauer (2000)

Constraints on the core mass and total mass of heavy elements for Jupiter and Saturn    Guillot (1999a)

Constraints on the compositions of the molecular and metallic envelopes of Jupiter and Saturn    Guillot (1999a)


Extrasolar giant planets & brown dwarfs

Animation of the transiting system HD209458 A+b

Predicted radii and effective temperatures of some of the detected extrasolar giant planets   Guillot (1999b)

Growth of the inner radiative zone of a "hot Jupiter"  Guillot et al. (1996)

Estimated uncertainties on the calculations of radii of extrasolar giant planets   Guillot (1999b)

Observed and theoretical spectra of the brown dwarf Gl 229B  Marley et al. (1996)

Conjectured dynamical structure of a hot Jupiter   Guillot (2000)   Showman & Guillot (2001)

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