• European Geoscience Union (EGU) General Assembly 2016: PS1.5 Science and Technology for the Asteroid Impact & Deflection Assessment (AIDA) mission (Vienna, Austria), April 17-22, 2016 (click here for information)

  • October 15-17, 2014: First International Asteroid Impact Deflection Assessment (AIDA) Workshop at the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) of the John Hopkins University (JHU) in Laurel (MD, USA). Presentations of the science and planetary defense aspects of AIDA, of the two mission studies (AIM and DART), as well as presentations regarding our knowledge of the Didymos binary system, the target of AIDA, and a more general discussion on binary systems, regolith characteristics and mechanics, internal structures of asteroids, impact observing strategies, additional science opportunities during an impact demonstration, and "next steps" for future deflection tests. A session devoted to our understanding of the impact process through experiments and simulations also took place, showing that AIDA will definitely allow us to make a big step in the understanding of this process at asteroid scales.