Patrick Michel, Francesca E. DeMeo, William F. Bottke, Eds.


1.1. Asteroid Composition and Physical Properties

The Compositional Structure of the Asteroid Belt
F. E. DeMeo, C. M. O’D. Alexander, K. J. Walsh, C. R. Chapman, and R. P. Binzel

Mineralogy and Surface Composition of Asteroids
V. Reddy, T. L. Dunn, Cristina A. Thomas, Nicholas A. Moskovitz, and Thomas H. Burbine

Astronomical Observations of Volatiles on Asteroids
A. S. Rivkin, H. Campins, J. P. Emery, E. S. Howell, J. Licandro, D. Takir, and F. Vilas

Space-Based Infrared Studies of Asteroids
A. Mainzer, D. Trilling, and F. Usui

Thermophysical Modeling of Asteroid Surfaces
M. Delbo, M. Mueller, J. Emery, B. Rozitis, and M. T. Capria

Asteroid Photometry
J.-Y. Li, P. Helfenstein, B. J. Buratti, D. Takir, and B. E. Clark

Asteroid Polarimetry
I.Belskaya, A.Cellino, R.Gil-Hutton, K.Muinonen, and Y. Shkuratov

Radar Observations of Near-Earth and Main-Belt Asteroids
L. A. M. Benner, M.W. Busch, J. D. Giorgini, P. A. Taylor, and J.-L. Margot

Asteroid Models from Multiple Data Sources
J. Ďurech, B. Carry, M. Delbo, M. Kaasalainen, and M. Viikinkoski

1.2. Populations

The Complex History of Trojan Asteroids
J. P. Emery, F. Marzari, A. Morbidelli, L. M. French, and T. Grav

The Active Asteroids
D. Jewitt, H. Hsieh, and J. Agarwal

The Near-Earth Object Population: From Main Belt to Meteorites
R. P. Binzel, V. Reddy, and T. L. Dunn

Small Near-Earth Asteroids as a Source of Meteorites
J. Borovička, P. Spurný, and P. Brown

Asteroids as a Source of Meteoroid Streams and Zodiacal Dust
P. Jenniskens

1.3. Families

Identification and Dynamical Properties of Asteroid Families
D. Nesvorný, M. Brož, and V. Carruba

Asteroid Family Physical Properties
J. R. Masiero, F. DeMeo, T. Kasuga, and A. H. Parker

Collisional Formation and Modeling of Asteroid Families
P. Michel, D. C. Richardson, D. D. Durda, M. Jutzi, and E. Asphaug

1.4. Multiple Systems

Asteroid Systems: Binaries, Triples, and Pairs
J.-L. Margot, P. Pravec, P. Taylor, B. Carry, and S. Jacobson

Formation and Evolution of Binary Minor Planets
K. J. Walsh and S. A. Jacobson


Hayabusa Sample Return Mission
M. Yoshikawa, J. Kawaguchi, A. Fujiwara, and A. Tsuchiyama

The Dawn Mission to Vesta and Ceres
C. T. Russell, H. Y. McSween, R. Jaumann, and C. A. Raymond

The Flybys of Asteroids 2867 Steins, 21 Lutetia, and 4179 Toutatis
M. A. Barucci, M. Fulchignoni, J. Ji, S. Marchi, and N. Thomas

Phobos and Deimos
S. Murchie, P. Thomas, A. Rivkin, and N. Chabot


3.1. Dynamical Evolution

New Paradigms for Asteroid Formation
A. Johansen, E. Jacquet, J. N. Cuzzi, A. Morbidelli, and M. Gounelle

Dynamical Evolution of the Asteroid Belt
A. Morbidelli, K. J. Walsh, D. P. O’Brien, D. A. Minton, and W. F. Bottke

The Yarkovsky and YORP Effects
D. Vokrouhlický, W. F. Bottke, S. R. Chesley, D. J. Scheeres, and T. S. Statler

3.2. Differentiation

Asteroid Differentiation: Melting and Large-Scale Structure
A. Scheinberg, R. R. Fu, L. T. Elkins-Tanton, and B. P. Weiss

Hydrothermal and Magmatic Fluid Flow in Asteroids
L. Wilson, P. Bland, D. Buczkowski, K. Keil, and A. N. Krot

Early Impact History and Dynamical Origin of Differentiated Meteorites and Asteroids
E. R. D. Scott, J. I. Goldstein, E. Asphaug, W. F. Bottke, and N. A. Moskovitz

3.3. Physical Evolution

Asteroid Surface Alteration by Space Weathering Processes
R. Brunetto, M. J. Loeffler, D. Nesvorný, S. Sasaki, and G. Strazzulla

The Formation and Evolution of Ordinary Chondrite Parent Bodies
P. Vernazza, B. Zanda, T. Nakamura, E. Scott, and S. Russell

Aqueous Activity and Sources of Water on the Chondrite Parent Asteroids
A. N. Krot, C. M. O’D. Alexander, K. Nagashima, F. J. Ciesla, W. Fujiya, and L. Bonal

3.4. Collisions

Global-Scale Impacts
E. Asphaug, G. Collins, and M. Jutzi

Modeling Asteroid Collisions and Impact Processes
M. Jutzi, K. Holsapple, K. Wünneman, and P. Michel

The Collisional Evolution of the Main Asteroid Belt
W. F. Bottke, M. Brož, D. P. O’Brien, A. Campo Bagatin, A. Morbidelli, and S. Marchi

3.5. Surface Geology and Geophysics

Cratering on Asteroids
S. Marchi, C. Chapman, O. Barnouin, J. Richardson, and J.-B. Vincent

Asteroid Interiors and Morphology
D. J. Scheeres, D. Britt, B. Carry, and K. A. Holsapple

Asteroid Surface Geophysics
N. Murdoch, P. Sánchez, S. R. Schwartz, and H. Miyamoto


Surveys, Astrometric Follow-Up, and Population Statistics
R. Jedicke, M. Granvik, M. Micheli, E. Ryan, T. Spahr, and D. K. Yeomans

Orbits, Long-Term Predictions, and Impact Monitoring
D. Farnocchia, S. R. Chesley, A. Milani, G. F. Gronchi, and P. W. Chodas

Asteroid Impacts and Modern Civilization: Can We Prevent a Catastrophe?
A. W. Harris, M. Boslough, C. R. Chapman, L. Drube, P. Michel, and A. W. Harris

Human Exploration of Near-Earth Asteroids
P. A. Abell, B. W. Barbee, P. W. Chodas, J. Kawaguchi, R. R. Landis, D. D. Mazanek, and P. Michel