Organizational Structure

Space Science Series, General Editor: Richard P. Binzel

Book Asteroids IV, Lead Editor:
Patrick Michel

Book Asteroids IV, Co-Editors:
Francesca E. DeMeo, William F. Bottke, Jr.

Book Asteroids IV, Scientific Organizing Committee (alphabetical order):

P. Abell, E. Asphaug, O. Barnouin, P. Brown, T. H. Burbine, H. Campins,
C. Chapman, B. Clark, G. Consolmagno, L. Elkins-Tanton, J. Emery, P. Jeniskens,
A. W. Harris (DLR), A. W. Harris (USA), K. Holsapple, A. Mainzer, J. Masiero,
A. Morbidelli, K. Muinonen, D. Nesvorny, M. Nolan, D. Polishook, V. Reddy, D. C. Richardson,
A. Rivkin, D. Scheeres, E. Scott, G. Valsecchi, J. Veverka, D. Vokrouhlicky,
B. Weiss, D. Yeomans

The book Asteroids IV has been published in December 2015 by the
University of Arizona Press (see front and back cover below) with 42 Chapters reviewing our knowledge on the fascinating bodies that are asteroids.


Images copyright: NASA, JAXA, ESA