IPEWG 2013 is the third edition of IPEWG workshops. The first one took place in 2008 at Okinawa (Japan;
click here for details) and the second one took place in 2011 at Pasadena (USA; click here for details). The goal of these workshops is to bring together key members of the primitive body community for a facilitated discussion toward international collaboration.

IPEWG offers a forum for the community at large to stay abreast of the status quo in small bodies exploration, in terms of the scientific interest of various communities, but also in terms of the programmatic interests of space agencies worldwide. It is the only venue yet that offers the opportunity for this diverse community to gather and discuss potential collaborative efforts at the international level. The discussions held at this workshop are expected to open new international collaboration opportunities for primitive body space exploration.

The IPEWG 2013 workshop will take place over the course of three days, and includes several topical panel sessions with scheduled time for discussion. These sessions will be structured to provide diverse perspectives from the international community in areas that are of great interest to the community. A final session will summarize the results into a series of recommendations and action items.

Abstracts will be accepted only for directed oral presentations. Many speakers will be specifically invited to address the participants based upon their experience and relevant expertise. No poster session is planed but there will be ample time for discussions and charter elaborations.