Alessandro Morbidelli


Born in Italy on May, 2, 1966
Nationality Italian 

Professional address
Observatory of Nice
B.P. 4229, 06304 Nice Cedex 4
TEL: 33-4-92003051

*Master degree in  Physics at the University of Milan (Italy)  - 1988
*Ph. D. in Mathematics at the University FUNDP of Namur (Belgium) - 1991 

Title: Researcher in Astronomy (permanent position)
Institution: C.N.R.S. -- Conseil National de la Rescherche Scientifique
Laboratory:Departement Cassiopee, Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur, Nice, France.

Research Interests
-Celestial Mechanics
-Small Body dynamics
-Solar System formation
-Extrasolar Planets
-Theory of Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems


*Young Scientist Scientific Award:  European Geophysical Society, 1994.
*Bronze medal: C.N.R.S., 1995
*ICARUS Editor's Letter of Commendation, 1996.
*asteroid 5596 1991PQ10 named Morbidelli, 1996.
*Urey prize of the Division for Planetary Sciences of the A.A.S., 2000.
*Grand Prix Mergier-Bourdeix of the French Academy of Science, 2009
*Grand Prix Doyen Lepine de la Ville de Nice, 2014.
*Elected Associate Member of the Royal Academy of Belgium, 2014.
*Elected Associate Member of the French Academy of Sciences 2015.


*Co-editor of Icarus, for papers on dynamics (since Jan. 2000)
* Associate editor of Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy (since Jan. 2001)
* Director of the French National Programme for Planetary Science (PNP)  (2010-2018)
* Correspondent member of Bureau des Longitudes
* Deputy Director of Laboratoire Lagrange,  Nice (2012-2015); Acting director (2015)
* President of IAU commission 7 (2012-2015)
Co-editor of the book The Solar System Beyond Neptune (Univ. Arizona Press)

* referee for  Icarus, Celestial Mechanics, Astronomical Journal, Physica D,
       Astronomy and Astropysics, Planetary and Space Science,
      Meteoritics and Planetary Science, Science,Nature, Astrophysical Journal....
*external reviewer  for the OSS and PGG programs of NASA.
*co-organizer of Session PS10 of the EGS Assembly (Nice, April 20, 1998).
*member of the Scientific Organization Committee of:
    -US-European Celestial Mechanics Workshop (Poznan, Poland, July 2000)
    -Asteroid III book.
    -winter school of C.N.R.S. Chronology of Solar System formation
             (Les Houches, France, January 2001)
    -winter school of C.N.R.S. Chronology of Solar System formation II
             (Aussois, France, February 2004)
     -winter school of C.N.R.S. Chronology of Solar System formation IV
             (Les Houches, France, February 2009)
      -winter school of C.N.R.S. Chronology of Solar System formation V
             (Les Houches, France, February 2013)
     -Protostars and Planets V, (Hawaii, 2005) and VI (Heidelberg, 2013)
    - TNO meeting (Catania 2006)
    - 40th ESLAB symposium "Impact cratering in the Solar System" (ESTEC, May 2006)
    - IAU Symposium 236 "Near Earth Objects, our Celestial Neighbors: Opportunity and Risk" (Prague,  2006)
    - NOBEL symposium "Physics of Planetary Systems" (2007)
     - Planet-Z conference `Origin and Evolution of planets', Ascona (Italy), 2008.
    - Newton Institute Programme `Dynamics of Discs and Planets', Cambridge, Aug. 12 - Dec 18. 2009.
    - TNO 2010, Philadelphia, June 2010
    - Extreme Solar Systems II, September 2011
     - IAU symposium "Complex Planetary Systems", Namur (Belgium), 2014.
    - ISSI meeting  "The Delivery of Water to Proto-planets, Planets and Satellites", 2016
 * Co-organizer of the Programme `Dynamics of Discs and Planets' of Newton Institute, Cambridge (UK) (2009).
* principal scientist for the phase-A study of the EUNEOS mission, an  ESA mission for the discovery of Near Earth Asteroids.
 * chair of the Local Organizing Committee of the 2004 meeting of the Division on Dynamical Astronomy of the American Astronomical Society
 * member of the SOC of ASSNA(Action Specifique Simulations Numeriques en Astronomie)
 * member of the TAC of the CFH telescope (2004-2005)
 * member of the scientific council of the Marseille-Provence Observatory (2005-2007), of IMCCE and Cassiopee (since 2008)
 * president of the evaluation committee of IMCCE (2004)
 * member of the evaluation committees of : Observatoire de Paris, LAOG (2005)LGL-TPL (2015)
 * member of CSA (Commission Specialisee en Astronomie)(2006, 2010-)
 * member of  the Solar System Working Group of CNES (since 2006)
 * member of the Committee of theDivision on Dynamical Astronomy of the AmericanAstronomical Society(2006-2007); chair of the Brouwer award selection committee (2007)
 * Member of the "Exo-Planet Roadmap Advisory Team" of ESA (2008-2009)
 * Member of the prize selection committee of the DPS (2009-2010)
 * Member of the visiting committee of the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences at Caltech (2010)
 * Member of the visiting committee of Carnegie's Department for Terrestrial Magnetism (2015)
 * Member of the "Haut Conseil Scientifique" of Paris
Observatory (2012-2014)
 * Member of the ANR committee  CE31 (2016-)
* Coordinator of the Center for Planetary Origin (C4PO)

Teaching and Advisor responsibilities

- Master lectures on Celestial Mechanics, University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis (1993-1997)
- Master lectures on Planet Formation, University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis (2008-)
- Cycle of lectures "Secular dyanimcs of the small bodies of the Solar System" (6h), Observatory of LaPlata (2000)
- Cycle of lectures "Solar System Small Bodies" (5h), Observatory of Rio de Janeiro (2001)
- Cycle of lectures "origin and evolution of planeetary systems" (4.5h) Como and Vilnus, 2016
- Cycle of lectures (3h) "Solar system formation and early evolution", ISSS Course on Planetary Interiors, September 2016
- Ph.D. advisor/co-advisor of:
     F. Thomas (1994-1998; advisor)
     U. Locatelli (1995-1999; co-advisor)
     A. Crida (2003-2007; advisor)
      J. Szulagyi (2013-2015; advisor)
    G. Pichierri (2016 -: advisor)
- Post Doc. advisor
     B. Gladman (1996-1997 and 1998-1999)
     D. Nesvorny (1998-1999 and 2000-2001)
     H. Morais (2000-2001)
     K. Tsiganis (2002-2004)
     D. O'brien (2005)
     R. Brasser (2008-2011)
     K. Walsh (2009-2010)
     S. Marchi (2010-2011)
     B. Bitsch (2011-2013)
     S. Jacobson (2013-)
     A. Izidoro da Costa (2013-2014)
     K. Pahlevan (2013-2015)
     M. Ogihara (2014-2016)
     M. Lambrechts (2015-)
     R. Deienno (2016)

Invited lectures in international meetings

*Integrability and Chaotic behaviour (NATO ASI advanced research workshop),
      Torun, Poland, 1993;
*SIAM meeting, Snowbird, Utah, 1995;
*4th A. von Humboldt Colloquium, Ramsau, Austria, 1996;
*Kuiper Belt Workshop, Toronto, Canada, 1996;
*IAU colloquium No. 165, Poznan, Poland, 1996;
*Asteroid Comets Meteors '96, Versailles, France, 1996;
*Planetary Systems: the long view, 9th Blois international meeting, Blois, France, 1997;
*Interactions between Planets and Small Bodies, Joint Discussion,
      IAU general assembly, Kyoto, Japan, 1997;
*1st Rio de Janeiro international workshop on Planetary Sciences,  Rio de Janeiro,
      Brasil, 1997;
*The impact of modern dynamics in astronomy, IAU colloquium No. 172, Namur,
      Belgium, 1998;
*Evolution and Source regions of Asteroids and Comets, IAU colloquium No. 173,
      Tatranska Lomnica, Slovak Republic, 1998;
*Asteroid Comets Meteors '99, Ithaca, U.S.A., 1999;
*DPS Meeting, Abano, Italy, 1999;
*US-European Celestial Mechanics workshop, Poznan, Poland, 2000;
*DPS Meeting, Pasadena, Ca, USA, 2000;
*Sixth International Space Collaboration. A.I.A.A. workshop, Seville,Spain, 2001;
*Asteroids 2001, Palermo, Italy, 2001;
*Formation of Solar Systems, Gordon Conference, Connecticut, USA, 2001.
*Fall meeting, American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, USA, 2001.
*EGS meeting, Nice, France, 2002
* EKB workshop (Antofagasta, Chile, 2003)
*JENAM 2003, Budapest, Hungaria, 2003
*New geometry of Nature, Kazan, Russia, 2003
*KITP program "Planet Formation: Terrestrial and Extra-Solar", Santa Barbara, U.S.A., 2004
*Astrophysics of Planetary Systems, Harvard, USA, 2004
* COSPAR meeting, Paris, France, 2004
* IAU Colloquium 197 "Dynamics of populations of planetary systems", Belgrade, Serbia, 2004
* Saas-Fee Advanced Course on "Trans-Neptunian Objects and Comets", Wengen, Switzerland, 2005
*JENAM 2005, Liege, Belgium, 2005
*Protostars Planets V, Hawaii, 2005
*TNO meeting (Catania 2006)
*40th ESLAB symposium "Impact cratering in the Solar System" (ESTEC, May 2006)
*IAU Symposium 236 "Near Earth Objects, our Celestial Neighbors: Opportunity and Risk" (Prague, August, 2006)
* Planetary Science: challenges and discoveries (Blois, 2006)
* ESO workshop "Observing Planetary Systems" (Santiago, 2007)
* Division of Dynamical Astronomy meeting (Ann Harbour, 2007)
* Nobel Symposium "Physics of Planetary Systems", (Stockholm, 2007)
* Goldschmidt conference, plenary session (Cologne, 2007)
* Division of Planetary Science meeting (Orlando, 2007)
* Workshop `Chronology of meteorites and the early Solar System',  Kauai (2007)
* ETH international conference "Origin and Evolution of Planets" (Ascona, 2008)
* ESLAB symposium "Cosmic Cataclysm and Life" (ESRIN, 2008)
* TIARA workshop on DIM KBOS (Taiwan, 2008)
* LinFest conference (60th anniversary of D. Lin celebration), Prato, June 2009.
* MetSoc Conference (Nancy, 2009)
* IAU symposium "Icy bodies of the Solar System" (Rio de Janeiro, 2009)
* IAU Symposium nr. 269 "Galileo's Medicean Moons: their Impact on 400 years of Discovery", Padova, January, 2010.
* ESF Conference "Putting Our Solar System in Context: Origin, Dynamical and Physical Evolution of Multiple Planet Systems", Austria, April, 2010
* SIAM/RSME-SCM-SEMAMeeting:"Emerging Topics in Dynamical Systems and Partial Differential Equations", Barcelona, May, 2010
* Workshop in honor of P. Farinella, Pisa, June 2010
* Europlanet Science Conference, Rome, September 2010.
* XV Brazilian Colloquium of Orbital Dynamics, Theresopolis (BR), Dec. 2010
* The 15th International Conference on Gravitational Microlensing, Salerno, Jan 2011.
* WE-Heraeus Seminar on Extrasolar Planets, Bad Honnef, June 2011.
* ORIGINS 2011, Montpellier, July 2011.
* Gordon Conference on the origins of solar systems, Mt. Holyoke College, July 2011.
* Observing Planetary Systems, ESO, Santiago, March 2012
* Goldschmidt conference, section "Chemical and isotopic constraints on planetary accretion and differentiation", Montreal, June 2012.
* Conference: “Planet formation and evolution”, Munich, September 2012
* Royal Society Meeting on Extrasolar Planets, London, March 2013
* Royal Society Meeting on Moon Origin, London, September, 2013
* First Cospar Symposium, Bangkok, November 2013.
* Invited lecture at "Academie Royale de Belgique", January 11, 2014
* ELSI workshop "Origin and Evolution of the Earth-Life System.", Tokyo, March 2014
* ACM, Helsinki, June 2014
* Characterizing Planetary Systems Across the HR Diagram, Cambridge (UK), July 2014.
* Lobanov-Rostovsky Lecture, Oxford (UK), Decembeer 2014.
* International Workshop in Jacques Laskar's honour, Paris, Arpil 2015.
* Workshop "Formation of the Solar System II", Berlin, June 2015.
* IAU FM318 Highlights in the exploration of Small Worlds , Honolulu, August, 2015.
* COSPAR symposium, Iguazu, Nov. 9-13, 2015
* Workshop "Planet formation and Evolution", Duisburg, March 2016
* Workshop "Primitive material in the solar system II", Villefranche sur Mer, juin, 2016
* Royal Society Discussion Meeting: Cometary Science after Rosetta, June 2016
* Lorentz workshop "New Directions in planet formation", July, 2016
* COMETS 2016, Toulouse, Nov. 2016
* Gordon conference, Mount Holyo, June 2017

200+ refereed publications in international journals (see list)

- 42 invited review papers (see list)

12196 citations and H-factor=58 (source ADS Jan 2, 2017)

-1 book: Modern Celestial Mechanics; Aspects of Solar System Dynamics. Taylor & Francis/Cambridge Scientific Publishers.

Mt. Rosa  (4550mt) - Italy- Sept. 2000

Mt.Blanc (4808mt) - France- June 2004 





ON THE SUMMIT OF MT. BLANC (slides: .ppt, .html)


DIAPORAMA OF ANOTHER Mt BLANC EXPEDITION unfortunately aborted at the Maudit Col




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