ERC Research Project 

: European Research Council Advanced Grant (Contract Number 290568) 2012-2018 organizes:

"Accretion and Early Differentiation of the
Earth and Terrestrial Planets"
Saint Paul Hotel,  Nice, May 29 - June 3, 2017

This workshop will be a follow up to the one that we organized in Nice in May 2014. Around 150 participants have registered, including a significant number of students and young scientists. The topics to be discussed include, but are not limited to:

1) Chemistry of small bodies in the early solar system and their relation to meteorites
2) Early dynamos in small bodies
3) Dynamical models of terrestrial planet formation and evolution of the Earth-Moon angular momentum
4) Moon formation models
5) Core-mantle differentiation
6) Delivery of volatile elements, including water
7) Nature and timing of the "late veneer"
8) Consequences of impacts
9) Geodynamics in early terrestrial planets including the onset of the geodynamo, mantle convection and plate tectonics.
10) Geophysics of extra-solar Earths and super-Earths

A detailed program can be downloaded here. Invited talks are (20 minutes, including 5 minutes for questions) indicated in blue; contributed talks (15 minutes, including 5 minutes for questions) in black.  Abstracts are available here.

The workshop will be held at Le Saint Paul Hotel which is located on the sea front close to downtown Nice. Participants will arrive on Monday May 29, 2017 and depart on Saturday June 3, so that scientific sessions (talks and posters) will be scheduled over a period of 4 days, up to friday evening. The aim is, of course, to have lots of productive discussions!

A meeting banquet will take place at the famous and historical Hotel Negresco  on Thurday evening (June 1). Although there is no strict dressing code, appropriate dressing is expected (no shorts!).

The meeting is partially funded by our ERC "ACCRETE" project, from the
Transregional Collaborative Research Center TRR 170 , and the Center for Planetary Origin (C4PO) of Université Cote d'Azur.

SOC: H. Becker R. Canup, J. Golabek, A. Morbidelli, D. Rubie, M. Wieczorek
LOC: A. Morbidelli, R. Pinto, D. Rubie

Travel information

From the airport : Take bus no.98 from terminal 1 to the stop "Port". Fare is 6 Euro and tickets should be purchased at the terminal 1 bus office before entering the bus. The bus runs every 20 minutes. By foot, the "Port" stop is 5 minutes from the Ibis and Kyriad hotels and 20-25 minutes from Saint Paul Hotel/Maison du Séminar.

To Saint Paul Hotel (formerly Maison du Séminaire) from the Port:

By foot: 20-25 minutes

Bus. 20. Take it at the port. See where the stop is shown on the map
Get off at Nice - Parc Vigier. See where it is on the map
Saint Paul Hotel/Maison du Seminaire is 50 meters further along the coast, on the left-hand-side of the road.

Bus. N. 30. Take it at the port. See where the stop is on the map.
Get off at La reserve. Maison du Seminaire is just across the street.

Bus 20 runs about every 20min and bus 30 about every 25 min.
To see the timetable for these buses for the day of your arrival, go to
then enter the number of the bus (20 or 30) in the box "Fiche horaire - Ligne.." in the column on the right hand side. For bus 20 choose direction Saint Sylvestre. For bus 30 chose the direction Riquier.

The link to the complete bus map of Nice is

An important reminder - there is a cocktail reception (with food) on Monday 26 May, starting at 19:30, at Saint Paul Hotel (formerly Maison du Séminaire).

Locations of nearby restaurants - see map