Reaching La Berlugane:

Google map of the site

From the Nice airport

The Nice airport has a very useful webpage, the link is here. This lists, among other informations, all bus and train connections of the Nice airport and the schedule of the flights.

The airport has two terminals which are connected by an inter-terminal bus running every 10 mn.

There is no direct bus from the Nice airport to Beaulieu. You can reach Beaulieu from the airport in three different ways.

From the Nice-ville railway station

In France most railway stations are called "Gare SNCF". Nice has several railway stations, the main one being called "Nice-ville".

Trains take between 7 and 11 mn from Nice-ville to Beaulieu-sur-mer, depending on the number of stops. The full list of stations is: Nice-ville, Nice-Riquier, Villefranche, Beaulieu-sur-mer (note that there is a small tunnel between Nice-ville and Nice Riquier and a big tunnel between Nice-Riquier and Villefranche). Just after leaving Villefranche (coming from Nice) you can see the sea on your right. After you arrive in the Beaulieu-sur-mer station follow the instructions given below to reach the hotel La Berlugane.

By car

Exit the motorway A8 at the first Nice exit (Promenade des Anglais and airport). Follow the road along the sea all the way to the Nice harbor ("Port" signs). From there follow the "Basse Corniche" to Villefranche and Beaulieu. The entrance to Beaulieu is at a traffic light following immediately a service station located on the right of the road. At the traffic light bear slightly left, following signs marked "Beaulieu centre. Eze". Then continue the road which is now taking you through Beaulieu. Pass under a railway bridge. About 300 m after this bridge, there is a sign "N98. Eze bord de mer. Monaco". The road turns left (as indicated by the sign). After a short distance you will see a church on your left. La Berlugane is about 50 m after the church on the left at 14 bd General Leclerc. You can enter and park your car inside.

From Beaulieu-sur-mer railway station

As you exit the railway station you will see on your right, less than 100m away, the tourist office (office du tourisme).

Walk around it (leaving it on your right hand side) and immediately behind you will find steps leading to a passage under the railway tracks.

Continue straight. You are now on a nice pedestration street whose name "rue du marché" (shown by "x" in the map below) is marked only when you are just about the end of this street.

The end of "rue du marché" has a couple of metal fences intended to prevent cars and motorcycle from accessing it.

Immediately after passing these fences you are on a regular street whose name is not marked. Turn left. After 25m turn right on "rue du port" (shown by y in the map below).

Rue du port is about 50 m long. At its end turn right on Boulevard General Leclerc. Another 50m or so and you are at La Berlugane which is at 14 Bd General Leclerc.

The whole trip takes less than 6 mn.