Euro MHD flag  EURO MHD 2008  (Nice : 23th - 26th September 2008)


The Euro MHD Meeting has been held at "la Maison du Seminaire"  
from Thuesday the 23th September moon until Friday the 26th September.  
This hotel/conference was located in Nice near the harbour (map , view).

This meeting aims at gathering scientists working on MHD, dynamo
phenomena, and rotating fluids.

The meeting has also provided an opportunity to celebrate
Pr. Andrew Soward  65th  birthday.

sponsors : CNRS (INSU/PNST, INSU/PCMI, Fr W. Doblin, GDR Dynamo),  
                 Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur,
 Conseil Général des Alpes maritimes .

organisers :  Yannick Ponty, Emmanuel Dormy,  Hélène Politano, Sylvie Szeles.