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Kevin J. Walsh

Welcome to the homepage of Kevin J. Walsh.


I have moved to Southwest Research Institute in Boulder Colorado. Eventually, this page will move there. [Here!]

Myself and collaborators finished a review on the Disruption of Asteroids, soon to be published in Advanced Science Letters, Special Issue on Computational Astrophysics.

Our work on binary asteroid formation via the YORP effect made the top 10 of Astronomy Magazine's top stories of 2008. The issue is the January 2009 issue, which I believe is out right now. We were number 6 on their list!

We have a new paper out in Nature on the formation of binary asteroids by the YORP effect. The article is here, and there is also a News and Views article about the study here .

Our work on the steady-state population of NEA binaries formed by tidal disruption is published in Icarus.

I have started the Henri Poincare fellowship at the Observatoire de la Cote D'Azur. I will be in Nice for at least 2 years (2008-2009).

An electronic version of our (Derek Richardson and myself) Binary Minor Planet review chapter is available with subscription here.

NEA binary formation paper out in Icarus...

New Binary Asteroid database now available...