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VKN Dynamo cover page
                                                                                                                        Cover Page PRL 2017 

Numerical Von Karman (VKN) : 

VKN velocity 

  Movie VKN of the velocity
VKN enstrophy
  MovieVKN of the enstrophy
copyright : S. Kreuzahler

Penalisation of the Taylor-Green 1/2 :
Dynamo mode inside bounded velocity flow force by the Taylor-Green 1/2

G.O Robert Dynamo :
G.O Robert flow enstrophy average in time GO Robert flow ko=2 GO Robert enstrophy snapshoot GO Robert dynamo mode 
GO Roberts Flow ( Average in time Enstrophy  k=1,  k=2 ,  snapshoot enstrophy, Dynamo mode (movie)  )

Taylor-Green Dynamo
mean flow Taylor-GreenTG dynamo modesaverage in time TG dynamo mode
Mean flow of the Taylor-Green                    Dynamo TG modes                  Average in time  TG dynamo mode

Sub Critical Dynamo in the Taylor-Green
vover page   Sub dynamo modeSub dynamo mode
  Cover Page PRL                                   Hysteresis cycle and magnetic mode associated    

Intermittance On-Off in the ABC Dynamo

min max ABC flowABC dynamoON OFF dynamo modes
min max ABC flow                                            ABC dynamo mode                                                                 On Off ABC dynamo modes

On Off Energy  On Off Energy in log
          Magnetic energy On Off intermittency                                       Magnetic energy On Off intermittency  (log)