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 Summer School  26th July -5 August 2016


Scientific schedules :    AGAT2016.pdf
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Key Note speakers :

Annick Pouquet (UCAR , Boulder USA)
 Turbulence regimes in Rotation and Statification : lecture1   lecture2
Sébastien Galtier (LPP Paris)
Hall/Electron MHD Turbulence : lecture1&2
Sergey Nazarenko (Univ. Warwick , UK)
Wave Turbulence and Beyond  :   lecture1   lecture2
Leslie M. Smith (Univ. Winconsin Madison, USA)
Multi-scale Modeling in Geophysical Systems and Climate :
Lecture1   lecture2
Marc E. Brachet (LPS, ENS Paris)
Turbulence superfluid : lecture1   lecture2 
Bèrengère Dubrulle (CEA, Saclay, France)
Turbulence modeling : lecture1&2
Olga Alexandrova (LESIA, Paris)
Solar wind turbulence : coherent structures or waves? lecture1&2
Caroline Nore (LIMSI, Paris 11)
Numerical Dynamo : lecture1&2
Hèlène Politano (LJAD, Univ. Nice- Sophia, France)
Hydro & MagnetoHydro-Dynamic Turbulence  : Lecture1&2
Pablo Mininni (Univ. Buenos Aires, Argentina )
Rotating turbulence : lecture1&2
Thierry Passot (Lagrange, OCA)
Fluid Plasmas : Landau Fluids : lecture1&2
Jean-François Pinton (LP, ENS Lyon)
A point-vortex toy model  : lecture
Jéremie Bec (Lagrange, OCA)
Transport and mixing :  lecture1&2
François Daviaud (CEA, Saclay, France)
Low Dimensional model in Turbulence : lecture
Edith Falgarone (LERMA, ENS Paris)
Turbulence in the InterStellar medium : Lecture1  lecture2
Yannick Ponty (Lagrange, OCA, UCA)
Spectral methods, parallelization and environment tools   (Subversion, Trac, 3D Graphics, Python … )  lecture1&2

Organisers :  Yannick Ponty, Hélène Politano & Sebastien Galtier.